3-Layer Engineered Wood Flooring Hm12 Series

Short Description:

Three layers of solid wood floor, texture and foot feeling can be comparable with solid wood floor, comfortable, good decorative effect.

Imported decorative layer is used on the surface to avoid the color difference between traditional multi-layer and three-layer solid wood floor and solid wood surface logs.

Customers are relieved of the confusion of log grade differences.

The three-layer solid wood floor has strong stability and is 100% natural. The floor is made of natural logs to ensure a clean and pollution-free indoor environment for you and your family to live a high-quality healthy and delicate life.

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Product Parameters

Product name 3- layers solid wood flooring/ Multi layered flooring
Code No HM121HM127
Size 1223*196*12mm/15mm/18mm
Wearlayer AC3/AC4/AC5/AC6
Material Eucalyptus/Pine/Birch
Technics Solid Lamination
Certificate ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001/CE
Surface treatment Embossed/Matt
Advantage Anti-slip/Durable/Eco-friendly/Fade resistant/Waterproof

What is Engineered wood flooring?

Solid wood composite floor is an artificial wood floor made of pressed plates. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, stability, stability and waterproofness. Now it has become the pride of the wood floor market. The solid wood composite floor is made of interwoven and laminated boards of different tree species, which overcomes the weakness of solid wood floor unidirectional homogeneity, has a small dry shrinkage and swell rate, has good dimensional stability and stability, and retains the natural wood grain of solid wood floor. and comfortable foot feel. The solid wood composite floor combines the stability and stability of the laminate floor with the aesthetics of the solid wood floor, and has the advantage of environmental protection. According to the pattern, the solid wood composite floor is divided into three layers, and the multi-layer solid wood composite floor is based on plywood; according to the surface layer data, the solid wood composite floor is divided into the solid wood composite floor as the surface layer, and the veneer is used as the solid wood composite floor as the surface layer; Unfinished sub-coated parquet, unpainted parquet; floor paint martial arts sub-surface raw veneer parquet, printed parquet。


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