How to lay a wooden floor


Installing a wooden floor as DIY-er isn’t rocket science, more a case of common sense, patience, buying the right quality, using the correct materials and making the correct preparations.

Some things are so obvious we won’t go into them in detail (like buying wood that is suitable to be installed as floor and dry enough, meaning: timber wood – 15% moist or more – isn’t suited and that the room is wind and weather proof, wet decoration work finished etc).

Quality products might be a little bit dearer; in the end it will save you time, aggravation and possibly even regret and money.Make sure you have one type of underfloor and the underfloor is ready .

Buy the correct underlayment.Have all the materials in house before you start, make a list of everything you need at least one week beforehand and make sure it can be delivered or collected on time .

Make sure all tools you need are in the house, are working, sharp and safe .Store the wood in the same area you plan to lay it .Clear all furniture out of the room beforehand, dust from sawing will get in anything!

Post time: Dec-12-2022