What are the precautions for waxing wood floor?


Such as improper waxing method, will produce whitening, ring marks, and discoloration phenomenon. When maintaining floor waxing, be sure to read the following notes.


Waxing on a sunny day

High humidity in rainy days, waxing will produce white turbidity phenomenon.

Floor wax hardens when the room temperature is below 5 degrees.

Before waxing, do not use a cloth containing chemicals to wipe the floor, which will cause the floor wax adhesion.


Remove dirt from floor surfaces

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove litter and dust from floor surfaces.

Wipe the stains on the floor with diluted neutral detergent.

For difficult to remove stains can be wiped with sodium chloride.

In order to prevent detergent accumulation left in the groove, soaked detergent cloth to wring as far as possible.

Floor wax remover can cause stains and bloating on the floor and should never be used.


Wipe with a damp rag

Use a vigorously wrung out rag to wipe.

Floor surface, especially the groove part, to wipe carefully, do not residue detergent.

Such as residual detergent and moisture, will lead to white surface, swelling.

What are the precautions for waxing wood floor 

Dry well

The floor surface and groove part of the moisture completely dry for the rear waxing. The time required varies depending on the season, but it takes more than half a day.

If not fully dried, floor wax will not be closely attached to the floor surface, affecting the appearance of the white phenomenon.



Shake the container of floor wax and stir well.

The floor of the room as a whole before waxing, to the corner of the room and other inconspicuous places for local trial, to confirm whether there are abnormalities.

In order to prevent floor wax from contaminating wall baseboards and furniture, the above parts should be covered with tape and paper.

Use a clean cloth to dip the floor wax fully, so as not to drip.

Do not pour the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will cause stains and ring marks.

Avoid the damage of gravel or other small stones to the floor when waxing; Avoid gelatinous objects falling on the floor.

Apply carefully according to the direction of the wood grain of the floor, do not miss the coating or uneven thickness.

Daub amount too little will cause uneven thickness, daub too much will lead to poor film.

Keeping the thickness even is the key to waxing.

Do not dilute floor wax with water.

Waxing tool can use special waxing mop, easy to operate, the effect is ideal.


Post time: Dec-08-2022